About us

We are based in Swansea and we operate nationwide 

Our cars are fully insured and licensed, Air-conditioned, spacious and with a massive boot that can fit several large luggages. Available 4, 6, 8 and 16 Seater minibus 

My name is Katon Bouzalakos originally from Greece but I consider myself half Welsh. I have been a Swansea taxi driver for over 7 years, picking up thousands of customers some of them are regulars. My goal is safety first and to make sure my customers have a pleasant journey.
I strongly believe people must be free to choose their preferred payment method or currency. I am against the centralized banking system and cashless society that is why I created cryptotravel.uk . If you want to know how a cashless society can affect you, watch the following video.

Did you know the government has the power to freeze your account against your will? In a cashless society, the Government and the bank will determine when they will freeze your account as they did in Canada in February 2022, people had a peaceful protest and their account has been frozen, do you think that is right? 

What if you live in a tyrannical cashless country? The government any time can freeze your account for control. It happened in Canada,  Greece and Cyprus. Your money is yours and only you should control them, not your government; this is our personal opinion.

  • Use more cash
  • Learn about silver and gold
  • Learn about Cryptocurrency 
  • Avoid electronic payments.

Have a pleasant journey.